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About the Book

One day I found myself with an infant and a two year old struggling to communicate. I remember thinking how frustrating it must be to lack the ability to get your wants and needs across. As a mother, I felt helpless. My husband and I enlisted the help of therapists and tried all strategies they gave us to help him speak.

As his level of frustration grew, we soon realized he had been “speaking” to us in his own way, all along. He had certain sounds for certain objects, and would gesture to things he needed.

This realization allowed us to strengthen our relationship with our son and we instantly saw a change in his demeanor. We let him lead us and eventually, the words came. Unfortunately, that is not always the case; the purpose of this book is to help children understand that words are not the only way to communicate and to facilitate a more understanding, inclusive environment.

— Aubrey Anello Dene

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I absolutely love this book and give it 5/5 stars. Not only is it well written, but it also has an important message that people need to learn. I really like the rhyme scheme, and so will children reading this book. I also think that all the animal examples paint a great picture of the overall message, which is that words are not the only way to communicate. This is such an important message, and one that many parents can take comfort in. Overall, great story and great message! ––– Rosaria R.

See Me Speak is a joy to read with a beautiful message of acceptance and understanding. I enjoyed reading it to my three children. As a mother of a son on the spectrum, we know the importance of inclusion and kindness. This book was an excellent extension to that conversation. ––– Jennifer G.

What a delightful children’s story that teaches kindness and understanding to those who are different. This kid friendly approach through colorful illustrations of animals conveys a positive message to children in their early years. The author beautifully captures the values of being different. ––– Chris B. (MS, Special Education)